Why should I join the club?
Postcard Colour Club was set up to offer three things: Calm, Colour and Connection. If you think your day could benefit from one or all of those, then give us a try.
Are the postcards suitable for everyone?
Yes! We want the club to be as inclusive as possible, so we regularly create postcards that are more suited to children aged 7 and under. These tend to have less intricate designs and so are easier to colour (the recent Dinosaur postcard set is a good example of this). All the other postcards should be suitable to all age groups.
Do I need to commit to a subscription?
No, not at all. We may introduce subscription options in the months to come, but we will always offer the option to purchase postcards without the need for a subscription. 
When are new postcards released?
We aim to release new sets of postcards every fortnight. To receive notifications about the latest releases, bookmark this site, sign-up to our newsletter or follow us on Instagram (@postcardcolourclub)
Do I need to be good at colouring or writing?
Absolutely not. In this club there will never be a 'right way' there will only be 'your way'.
What is the sustainability footprint of the club?
We are committed to keeping our footprint to a minimum. All our postcards are printed in the UK, on recycled 400 gsm paper; our boxes are manufactured in the UK using eco-friendly cardboard sources and our wooden holders are sourced from North Wales, using reclaimed wood. 
Who runs the club?
The club is run by Scott Brenman. He is a designer, living in London with his wife and creative partner-in-crime, Megan. Scott set up the club in January 2021 with the purpose of bringing some calm, colour and connection to all those who join the club. You can see more of Scott's work at www.scottbrenmanstudio.com
Can I get bespoke postcards designed for a private event, a celebration or a business need?
Yes, we love collaborating! Check out our collaboration page for more detail, but in short we are very happy to work with you to create unique and bespoke postcard sets to delight guests, customers, client or employees.
Do you ship internationally?
Sadly not, but we are trying. Unfortunately, Brexit has significantly increased the cost of international shipping. So whilst we try to find a way around that hurdle, Postcard Colour Club is UK-only for the time being.